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Adirondack Guide Boat

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STK 10025 Adirondack Guide Boat

This 16' Adirondack Guide Boat was built in 2007, and has only been in the water once. It is completely hand built with cedar and maple, laminated, and coated with fiberglass resin. Over 2,000 brass screws were used to put it together. There is a yoke that fits around the neck and rests on the shoulders in order to carry the boat. When needed, it sits in rounded notches to allow for movement as the boat is carried. There are 2 sets of oarlock straps to allow you to row from either the middle or bow seat. Included in the purchase of the boat is the 19' trailer (which comes with a title), the boat will have a bill of sale. ALL ITEMS SOLD "AS-IS". 

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