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1956 USAF Hawk Pony Cycle

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STK 10284 1956 Hawk Pony Cycle

The Hawk Tool Company was created in 1948 as a manufacturing plant. In the early 1950s the family bought a patent on how to manufacture Pony Cycles (scooter-type bikes). Originally, they were used by the Air Force as scooters or maintenance vehicles on airfields to bring parts back and forth to planes needing repair. The manufacturing of Pony Cycles was a sideline for the Hawk Company until the late 1950s when they decided to focus on tool and die making for the automotive and military manufacturers. According to the data plate on this 1956 Pony Cycle, this was a "Supply service maintaining vehicle U.S. Air Force", the date of delivery was 1/56, there was a contract number, and a U.S. Air Force Registration Number (U 1638). At some point, this dark green scooter was labeled with "Wisconsin State University - Platteville". The scooter is an original survivor and still runs. The consignor does not have a title for this scooter, but we will get it titled for you. One of the family members of Hawk Tool has offered to send a Fork Badge to the buyer to be mounted to the front fork. ALL VEHICLES SOLD "AS-IS"

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