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1937 Dodge Midget Roadster for Children with Trailer

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STK 10195 1937 Dodge Midget Roadster for Children with Trailer

This children's homemade "Miller Dirt Track Special" race car was built from a 1936 "How to Build It" magazine, and it still runs! It was built as a project by a man and his dad for his kids. It currently has a 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton motor on it that runs 3-7 mph. The roadster comes with a title, but it is not street legal. "The GoodYear News" magazine had a brief write-up about the midget roadster in its August 1940 issue. A copy of the article, along with copies of the original "How to Build It" magazine are provided. Some of the highlights from the build are: 

  • Steel body formed over wood egg crate frame
  • Homemade grill
  • Clutching via belt tightening
  • Braking via lining on drum
  • Fog lights as head lights
  • Taillights as taillights
  • Homemade steering wheel
  • Model-T parts for steering shaft and drive/brake mechanism
  • Homemade custom trailer hitch with lights

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