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1995 Schwinn Reproduction Black Phantom

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STK 10196 1995 Schwinn Reproduction Black Phantom

Based on the classic 1949 Black Phantom, Schwinn made 5,000 reproductions for their Centennial Model. Schwinn spent over seven million dollars recreating exact replicas; these are collector quality recreations using the same manufacturing processes, and in many cases, the original tools and equipment as the first 1949 Phantoms. Every bit of manufacturing was done in the US except the double walled rims. 1995 was the only year this bicycle was built and it sold for a list price of $2,999. From the serial number engraved into the metal frame of the bike, on the bottom, underneath the crank, we know that this bicycle was #705 of the 5,000 - serial numbers run from G000001 to G005000 and this one is G000705).

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