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1956 Cushman Highlander Scooter

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STK 10125 1956 Cushman Highlander Scooter

This sunfast red 1956 Cushman Highlander was owned by the late Peggy McClure. Ms. McClure was a very important long-term employee of The Cushman Motor Works. She began her employment there is 1952 and retired in 1986. She was very prominent in the early formation of the Cushman Club of America by providing advice and historical documents from the Cushman Motor Works. The CCOA even named an award after her. The "Peggy McClure Award" was created in 2002 after her 2001 death, and was awarded to the owner of the nicest Silver Eagle at the National Meet. This Cushman was very well cared for and is an older non-authentic restoration. It comes to us through the estate of the late Dennis Carpenter. 

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