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1950 Indian Papoose

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STK 10397 1950 Indian Papoose

During World War II, the Excelsior Motor Company of Birmingham, England produced the Welbike, a folding motorcycle that could be deployed by aircraft. After the war, the Welbike’s original designer, Lt Col John Dolphin, was fine-tuning his old designs for a more civilian-friendly machine. The result was the Corgi. After a brief design and testing period, Corgi scooters started production in 1947 and were built by Dolphin’s Corgi Motorcycle Company Ltd. These civilianized Welbikes had a stronger, heavier frame, a conventional frame-top fuel tank, rear and front brakes, fenders, and featured an Excelsior Motors Autospryt engine.
In 1947 these sturdy little scooters began finding their way to the USA – enter the Papoose. Brockhouse, a holding company that owned both Corgi and Indian at the time, took the Corgi and put an Indian badge on it. The Papoose had the same 98cc two-stroke kick-started Autospryt engine as the Corgi and featured a headlight and taillight to make them road legal. The top speed was a blistering 30 miles per hour, and it could go roughly 120 miles on one tank of gas. All Papooses came in a lovely deep red color with gold Indian logos painted on the tank and a plate between the handlebars. This Indian Papoose runs well and comes with a title.

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